Exoshelter. Outhouse.


Source: Pines from the catalan Pyrenees. 195 kms. from the site.

Technique: Blockhouse system with no screws or nails.

Tools: CNC machine.

Made by: Fustes Sebastià, Rialp.

Assembled by: Ricard Pau, David Tapias.

Transport time: Forest - workshop 50 min. (truck) + workshop - Porrera 170 min. (truck) + Porrera - camp (tractor) 50 min. + camp - site (two people during three hours, total men hours) 6 hours.

Assembly time: 2 hours (two people during one hour, total men hours).

Weight: 500 kgs.

Volume: 1 m3-Why? How? What? Our occidental culture leads people to a peculiar relation with their own shit. Defecating is always a closed, invisible ritual. Here we have the chance to revert this prejudice, giving a totally open, yet sheltered, place to enjoy this pleasant act. When we finish, we bring it to the compost box, where it will slowly turn into healthy soil. This outhouse can also be your reading or drawing hideaway.

 15 October 2016.

15 October 2016.

  6 January 2017.

6 January 2017.