Miquel Vilella

Writer in song.


December 7th and 8th, 2015

The first member of our board is Miquel Vilella, musician and writer:

Miquel Vilella, who has published works under the name of The Mighty Fools, received great critical praise with his previous album, ‘You’re so good to me’. His songs unveiled the work of a muscular musician, expert arranger of vocals and harmonies and a devout collector of unidentifiable sounds.
His latest album, ‘Després del món/Farewell Dear Towermen’ is released as a double CD with two different titles. It features the same intense, heartbreaking songs sung both in catalan and in english.

He shared with us his world of integrity, purity, complex melodies and  feelings at the edge of words. 
As an opening experience, we asked him to write a tale and a song for and from this place. This short film presents a sketch of his two days at camp:

 These are his foundational words and sounds:

(A song)


The valley works as a big eco chamber, and the hills in front bring what's left of a melody back.

The main sections of the song came soon after his arrival. During his stay, the melody and tempo got cleaned up and messed around camp.

He took the structure and melody to his home studio where he introduced subtile textures.

More about Miquel at www.miquelvilella.tumblr.com


(a tale)

Miquel is currently doing the last revision to his text. We will publish it very soon.

Miquel's writing method is based on notes that he displays on different surfaces, tables, beds, floors, creating slightly different arrangements, spaces between the ideas, gaps that are filled with new words, pulsating ideas, and old silences.