camp commons
is a community
that shelters ideas.
It is based on camps
located in
communal places
that are becoming wild.



Our goal is
to let these places'
diversity and complexity rise,
by making questions
and searching for
shared sources
-commons- in them,
bringing exhausted soils,
tired environments,
into a new wild life.



You can send us
a collaboration proposal,
with a short explanation
of who you are
and what you do.
We will carefully consider it
and eventually give you some shelter
back in our camp.



The knowledge produced
by our guests
during their stay is shared
-live and online.



You can stay for
a night, a weekend,
a week, a month…



Our first camp is located
in a forgotten vineyard
in Porrera
(Priorat, Catalonia),
and will be moved
every five years
to a different place.
We are willing to open
new camps elsewhere,
to chart
other forgotten territories. 
When we leave,
this place
and its community
move on together. 

We are aiming to create
a small camps net.
Any suggestions?